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Privacy Policy

Bouto Mineral Pvt. Ltd. values your trust. We want you to assure; we keep your information in unbreakable technical shelf with proper security lock-up. We also want you to make aware with our legal bindings in collection, use, retention, and disclosure of your Personal Identifiable Information and other information.

In the haste of quick online booking, the first and foremost tiring thought comes your mind; again I will have to fill up personal information the most annoying and time-consuming part of online booking. At the time of booking, all you customers submit personal information, but have you ever thought, why are we asking personal information and what could be the possible risk of submitting personal information? In this legal section, we are going to discuss all our privacy policy clauses and their possible effects.

Bouto Mineral Pvt. Ltd. SERVICE USER AGREEMENT v.1.02

H2ozone asks some mandatory information, essentially required to process your bookings, purchases, and transactions. We work round the clock to provide you pure water whenever you require. We believe, your Personal Identifiable Information is necessary for the assurance of your safety and the safety of ours, staffs, and citizens of your localities. Hence we request you to co-operate us and help in expanding the safety umbrella.

We use feedback mechanism to ensure our quality services and your satisfaction.

To give your feedback, you have to fill customer satisfaction form or write testimonial. We reserve right to publish your feedback and testimonials on our website, Social media or any other broadcasts. We do not seek any additional permission to do so.

Your Public photo shoot and our right.

Sometimes, we use your public photos and videos shooted with us, our staffs, employees, officers, etc. for our promotions. But we seek your consent before using your photos or videos for promotions. By accepting this clause, you transfer right to use your public photos and videos for our promotional purposes.

Registration processes and benefits.

Your registration ensures; you are a valued customer. We offer you the best available coupons and hot deals for maximum discount.

We do registration both online as well as offline.

online registration, you need to create your profile and submit the mandatory details asked, while, in the offline process you need to provide your details to one of our appointed registration officers.

It takes maximum 24 hrs to get your profile approved.

Your registration helps you in proceeding your booking, purchase, and transaction fast and safe.

Your registration saves at least 5-10 min in every transaction you do.

Your registered account on our website or mobile app enables you to search and interact with fellow customers of your interest. *

Newsletter subscription. optional

Our newsletter subscription is an optional service. You can opt to subscribe or unsubscribe anytime.

We offer special discount on subscribing our news letter, prior registration is required)

Social media sharing and special discount offer. optional

(We give special discount offers on sharing your h2ozone profile on social media and other platforms. Prior registration along with other eligibilities essentially required.)

Affiliate programs. optional

(Prior registration is required.)

You can receive administrative and policy changes. optional

We send our policy, and terms and conditions change alerts. But to have this facility, prior registration is necessarily required.

We send you marketing communications, which we think of your interests. (Optional)

Change your PII?

H2ozone.in gives you 100% access to your profile. You are enabled to alter, remove, change and delete your shared information at any point of time. Your change can take maximum 24hrs for our administrative approval and before that their visibility may be denied.

How can we use, share and disclose your PII?

We use your shared information only to provide you the best possible products and services.

We share your PII with our third party product and service suppliers in order to help you in getting customized products and services.

We share your information with our business analyst and data scientists for demographic studies. Sometimes, we also share your information with our cyber and data service partners to rehash our services, fraud monitoring, and prevention, audits, data analysis, modifying our products and services and expanding our business activities, etc.

We reserve right to share your PII with the list companies we have data sharing partnership.

We reserve right to share or not to share your PII with any third party sponsored Surveys, Contests, Awards or other similar activities.

H2ozone reserve right to share or not share your PII with any of our corporate partners including but not limited to Merger, Takeover, Joint venture, Subsidiary, Affiliates, etc. We won’t take any responsibility to protect you PII and other such data in case of any outside infiltration in our website transmission, and storage system. No one is safe from hackers.

We transfer your shared information to our partner companies. We do not govern their privacy policies, so we request you before requesting for the use of our partner services, flick through their privacy policies.  We shall not be responsible for any leakage, bankruptcy, and malicious use of your data from any of such third party service providers.

Your visibility of profile is not mandatory for using our products and services but to get maximum discounts, we ask you to share your h2ozone profile publicly. Your fellow customer can see your profile on our website with chatting option. But they can chat you with your approval only. You share your profile publicly on your risk. We shall not be responsible for any leakage of your publicly shared profile. (optional)

You can opt- in or opt-out any time. You will also have blocking option to restrict someone from texting you message and viewing your profile information.

We offer special discount on linking h2ozone account with social media account with some terms and conditions. We request you to read this clause before linking your social media accounts such as Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, Google plus or Pin interest, etc.

By linking your social media account with your H2ozone account, you authorize us to share our promotions with your social media accounts and so your personal information may be publicly revealed. We believe, you are aware that social media privacy policies would govern the information we share on social media. If you wish not to share your personal information on social media sites with other users, then we advise you not to link your h2ozone account with your social media accounts.

In case of sharing your h2ozone account with your social media accounts, you authorize us to share our sponsored event information, photo albums, video galleries and other promotional contents with you. We can also tag our or our partner’s promotional and marketing posts on your social media accounts. In case of removing our tags from your social media accounts, your social media linking benefits could be taken out.

We can send you invitations to attend our sponsored events via Email or SMS or Voice calls.

We are obliged not to share or sell your Personal Identifiable Information publicly.

What we won’t be responsible?

There are dozens of third party links embedded on our website. We shall not be liable to the graphics, photos, videos and other contents of any third party linked websites. Their privacy policy or Google Adwords policy will govern their arbitration.

We request you not to share your credit card, debit card or any other online or offline payment secrets on email or other private communications. We ask you only to process your payment through our online gateways. We never ask your online or offline payment secrets in any private chats. In case of any insecure transmission of your payment details write us on privacypolicy@h2ozone.in as soon as possible.

We shall not be responsible for the leakage of your information collected by any third party linked websites. We encourage you to understand the privacy policy, and terms and conditions of the third party linked website before using their service.

H2ozone.in shall also not be responsible for the products and services promised and offered by any third party linked websites.

You may receive social media sharing option multiple times using h2ozone.in website. Sometimes social media sharing also results in benefiting discounts further. Be careful sharing on Social media websites is governed by the social site’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. Our privacy policy doesn’t apply to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Youtube, etc.

Help us in preventing any unauthorized access to your h2ozone account.

To prevent any unauthorized access to your h2ozone account; we request you to maintain password secrecy. We value your time, and so to ensure you fast, safe, and error free booking, store your personal information. We use Secure Socket Layer encryption to safeguard your data information, but we cannot restrict any fraud if they use your secret passwords.

Other preferential information we may collect without your consent.

We also collect non-personally identifiable information such as IP address, search preferences, related searches, specific searches, physical location, bids, app data usage, browser, and device details. We use pixel tags, cookies and other similar technology to track your statistical analytics and other activities on our websites and mobile apps. We treat your non-personal identifiable data as Personal Identifiable Information under same privacy policy but with little difference.

H2ozone.in’ collects your device information along with your online behaviour using different tracking technologies.

Device and browser tracking:-

We can collect your Media Access Control Address (MAC), Computer types (Macintosh or window), Screen resolution, Operating system, Device model, Browser type & version, etc. We do collect these information to ensure; proper functionality of h2ozone website, and mobile apps on your device.

Mobile apps tracking:-

H2ozone also tracks your mobile to collect details of app usage data such as download, device access, time engagement, your preferences, etc.

Cookies Data: -

Using cookies our service partner and analytic team collect your information stored in your online device. We collect your browser type, page visited, time spent on services, languages preferred, mobility, etc. using cookies. We use cookies collected data for market research to provide you better navigation, awesome display, better design, and graphics, etc. We also conduct analytical studies on your online behavior to assist you by sending right time information for your better preferences. Cookies study help us sending you customized newsletters with targeted new upcoming offers and hot deals to avail you better saving options. You receive our important notifications and marketing messages in case of opt- out our newsletters too. We use cookies to see our online advertisement responses in order to display better ads.

If you do not want us to track your information using cookies you can decline your cookies from getting tracked. For more details refer to http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html and manage your cookies tracking options. But your cookies tracking disability can create inconvenience in use of our services. You may have to log in every time and feed your detail again and again.

Pixel tags: -

We use pixel tags and other similar technology to track user actions, analyze marketing campaigns, and compile market statistics and service response rates.

Google Analytics: -

We use Google Analytics in order to collect and analyze information regarding users’ trend of activities. Google analytic uses cookies and many other technologies to collect information regarding your online activities. You can refer to the www.google.in/policies/privacy/‌partners/ for further details. And if you want to opt-out from Google Analytics tracking refer to the https://tools.google.in/dlpage/gaoptout.

Adobe Flash technology: -

H2ozone uses Adobe Flash Technology to collect your device information regarding your online interests and use of services. We just collect information stored in your device. If you do not want us to track and collect your information using Adobe Flash technology you can do setting on your device and browser. But your deny setting can create inconvenience to use our services.

IP Address: -

Internet service provider assigns your device Internet Protocol Address automatically when you access internet. Our server automatically collects IP address along with session time and duration, and other activities whenever user accesses h2ozone.in website.  We use this to calculate usage statistics, diagnose server problems, and maintain websites. We may also track your physical location using your IP address. It also helps us in tracking frauds.

Physical Location:-

We may collect your device physical location using, Mobile tower, Wifi signals, and other satellite technologies. We use your device location to send you location-based advertisements of better product and service options. We can transfer your location details to any of our third parties. Our third party can also send you local ads. You can restrict your device physical location from tracking by doing some settings. But if you do so you may not access our personalized services.

In order to deliver customized ads and contents, sometimes we share our collected cookies information with our data sharing partners. But we share cookies data, such as I.P, email address or other details in hashed and non-human readable format. We use demographic information to display appropriate and useful posters and banners and to improve your web- browsing experience.

Retention of collected Information:-

We store and use technically collected, and customers shared Personal Identifiable Information as far as useful to us. And when it becomes useless we destroy customer information rather than selling it.

Minor using Policy: -

We have special privacy policies for children below 18 years. If you are posting your child PII, we believe that you are posting with their consent or authorized by law to do so. Our services are not open for the children below 18 years. If anyone orders our services younger to that age, we believe that you are requesting with your parents/ Guardians consent.

Third Party Jurisdiction: -

Our privacy policy doesn’t possess jurisdiction over the use and practices of any third party services. Third party includes our products and service suppliers, Affiliates, Service Assistant Company, Advertising Partner Company, Referral Company, Data Sharing Company, etc. We encourage you to read their privacy policy clauses before using their service.

Advertising and marketing materials:-

Unless, you request us to unsubscribe from our marketing promotions; you will receive our newsletters, business announcements, and other advertising contents. If you do not like to receive any of these marketing or advertising materials, you can unsubscribe on our website or thru the email you receive from our website.

If you are receiving our promotional contents after unsubscribing too then write us on privacypolicy@h2ozone.in. We shall process your request and comply within a reasonably practicable time-slot.

Note: If you opt-out from receiving marketing-related email list, we may still send you important policy changes and administrative messages, from which you can never opt-out.

Third party Advertisement: -

We may use third party ad partners to target potential customers and audiences in an efficient way. Our partner companies may use cookies, pixel tags or other similar technologies to collect your information. We shall not be responsible for the kind of technological means they use to collect your information. We shall also not be responsible for their data sharing with some other companies. For more details refer to http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp.

We do share your details and collected device information with third party advertisement companies in order to deliver useful newsletters and other advertisement contents. We won’t be responsible for any malicious use or further transmission of your data information by third party marketing companies.

We and our partner advertisement companies can deliver interest-based ads on your mobile apps. In order to delink from the interest-based advertisement on your mobile follow the instructions given below.

Android Users: -

Follow the instructions given by Google Play Help to opt- out or customize the interest based message.

IOS users: - Follow the instructions provided by Apple Support Center to limit ad- tracking options and customize them.

Note by disabling your cookies in a mobile app; you may not be able to use our websites and mobile applications. We use cookies to provide you easy and friendly access to the every section of our websites.

Security: -

We use reasonable technical, organizational, & administrative measures to protect collected Personal Identifiable Information. Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can guarantee 100% security. If you have any reason to feel, your interaction with us is no longer secure (you feel, the safety of your PII or other information has been compromised), immediately notify us on privacypolicy@h2ozone.in.

Though, our headquarter is in Pahar Ganj, Delhi your Identifiable personal information or other information may be transferred, accessed, stored, or processed in other states or countries by our employees or consultant service providers. Those countries privacy policy may be different from that of your country.

If you have still any questions left unanswered, we request you to write us on privacypolicy@h2ozone.in and help us help you.

Note: - We reserve right to change our privacy policy whenever we feel necessary. In a case of any change, we send you a message in newsletters. You may not receive any mail regarding our privacy policy changes. Our updated version privacy policy will be effective since we post on this page. On the top of this page user can see activation date of updated privacy policy. We request you to read all clauses of our updated version privacy policy before using our services. Your use of service unveils; you accept our updated privacy policy.


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